Managing condensation and mould in your rental property

The causes of condensation are many and varied but usually stem from the lifestyle and actions of the occupants  


Condensation occurs when air-borne moisture condenses onto a colder surface. Warm air, which holds more moisture, rises in buildings and typically causes condensation problems in upstairs rooms and towards the tops of buildings.  


When warm air comes into contact with cold porous materials, typically clothes in wardrobes, where there is little ventilation, these materials absorb the moisture and overtime will become cold and damp and will develop mould and mildew growth.  


The lifestyle of occupants  


Modern lifestyles create far greater amounts of warm air and steam that was previously the case. Add to this draft proofing in houses and minimal ventilation and you have an ideal recipe for serious amounts of condensation. A dwelling occupied by a typical family can easily produce up to 3 gallons of air borne moisture per day.  


If the ventilation system in the property is inadequate or it’s not being used properly (non opening windows, blocked or closed wall vents or extractor fans) then venting and expelling the water – laden, condensation causing air is stifled. Condensation and mould growth is far more likely in those rooms where heating is minimal and airflow restricted. Bedrooms and bathrooms in the highest parts of the property are prime examples.  


Things that you can do to help  


The problem is going to be greater in winter than in summer due to the lower winter temperature of the outside air.  


1.Production of steam is a major cause – Keep bathroom and kitchen doors closed and open windows when cooking, showering, bathing, washing etc.  

2.Remove any existing mould growth with bleach or special mould removal cleaners  

3.Make sure windows are opened and extractor fans are working  

4.Make sure that clothes dryers are vented to the outside air.  

5.Do not hang damp clothes to dry inside the property.  

6.Do not steam iron indoors unless the area is well ventilated  

7.Make sure the heating system is used properly. 

8.Keep airflow through wardrobes etc. by venting the backs and keeping them off walls  

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